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Heather Miller Rubens, Ph.D.

  • Interreligious Dialogue in History & Practice
  • Roman Catholicism & Interreligious Relations
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Religion, Law, & the Courts
  • Religion in the Public Square
  • Women & Interreligious Leadership

Interview Heather Miller Rubens

Zeyneb Sayilgan, Ph.D.

  • Islamic Theology and Spirituality
  • Islam in Europe
  • Women in Islam
  • Christian-Muslim Relations
  • Religion and Migration

Interview Zeyneb Sayilgan

Fatimah Fanusie, Ph.D

  • Islamic Development in America up to 1965
  • African American Islam
  • African American Religion and the Long Civil Rights Movement

Interview Fatimah Fanusie


Alisha Tatem, Th.D.

  • Chaplaincy and Interreligious Encounter
  • Interreligious Engagement in Congregations
  • Interreligious Leadership Development in Congregations
  • Women, Healing, and Dance in African American Christianity
  • Mental Health, Identity, Religious Dance in African American Churches
  • Spiritual Care in Community

Interview Alisha Tatem

Benjamin E. Sax, Ph.D.

  • Philosoph(ies) of Dialogue
  • Modern Jewish Thought
  • Jewish History and Culture
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Interview Benjamin Sax

Matthew D. Taylor, Ph.D.

  • Muslim-Christian Relations
  • Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism
  • Salafism in the U.S.
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Interreligious Encounter

Interview Matthew Taylor

Christine Gallagher

  • Interreligious Encounter in the Classroom
  • Role of Interreligious Leadership in Educational Settings
  • Religious Literacy Professional Development 
  • Interreligious Perspectives and Pedagogy 
  • Mission-based Institutional Reflection 

Interview Christine Gallagher

ICJS in the News

The Baltimore Sun: Religious and racial tolerance starts with all of us (Op-ed by ICJS Congregational Leadership Fellowship alumnus Omer Awad).

Cleveland Plain Dealer: The often-overlooked but dangerous role Christian nationalists played on Jan. 6 (Quotes from a Matt Taylor op-ed). Also featured in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

Baltimore Jewish Times: After Colleyville, community renews focus on security (Quotes ICJS’ Melissa Zieve)

The Baltimore Sun: Our hopes for Baltimore in the new year (Article featuring reflections by ICJS Justice Leader Fellows)

Jmore Baltimore Jewish Living: Recapturing the prophetic tradition: A challenge for interreligious dialogue (A preview of the Manekin-Clark Lecture by Susannah Heschel)

WYPR: Interview with Susannah Heschel, in advance of the Manekin-Clark Lecture

Baltimore Sun: Christian nationalism helped fuel Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol; what’s next?  (Op-ed by ICJS Protestant Scholar Matthew D. Taylor)

The CityLit Project: Becoming American, Zeyneb Sayilgan’s story

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