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ICJS Newsroom

Media Contact

John Rivera, Director of Communications & Marketing
Office: 410-494-7161, ext. 2002
Cell: 443-604-2918

ICJS in the News

The Washington Post
What is Christian Nationalism, Anyway? Article providing a basic background on Christian Nationalism quotes Matthew D. Taylor.

The Bulwark
Roger Stone and the Key to Trump’s Evangelical Support. Article by Matthew D. Taylor.

Christianity Today
Sola Scripturas: Can Evangelicals Befriend the ‘Protestant Reformers of Islam’? Interview with Matthew D. Taylor on his forthcoming book.

Rolling Stone Online
This Christian ‘Prophet’ Backed Trump in 2020. Now He Says God Favors DeSantis. Article quotes Matthew D. Taylor.

Yahoo! News:
Radical beliefs in ‘spiritual warfare’ played a major role in Jan. 6, an expert argues. Article quotes Matthew D. Taylor.

Christian Nationalism on the Rise: What it Means for America’s Future. Interview with Matthew D. Taylor.

Religion Dispatches Evidence Strongly Suggests Trump was Collaborating with Christian Nationalist Leaders Before January 6th. Article co-authored by Matthew D. Taylor

Straight White American Jesus
Charismatic Revival Fury, podcast by ICJS Protestant scholar Matthew D. Taylor. ICJS Resource Page.

ICJS Experts

Heather Miller Rubens, Ph.D.

  • Interreligious Dialogue in History & Practice
  • Roman Catholicism & Interreligious Relations
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Religion, Law, & the Courts
  • Religion in the Public Square
  • Women & Interreligious Leadership

Interview Heather Miller Rubens

Zeyneb Sayilgan, Ph.D.

  • Islamic Theology and Spirituality
  • Islam in Europe
  • Women in Islam
  • Christian-Muslim Relations
  • Religion and Migration

Interview Zeyneb Sayilgan

Fatimah Fanusie, Ph.D

  • Islamic Development in America up to 1965
  • African American Islam
  • African American Religion and the Long Civil Rights Movement

Interview Fatimah Fanusie


Alisha Wimbush, Th.D.

  • Chaplaincy and Interreligious Encounter
  • Interreligious Engagement in Congregations
  • Interreligious Leadership Development in Congregations
  • Women, Healing, and Dance in African American Christianity
  • Spiritual Care in Community

Interview Alisha Tatem

Benjamin E. Sax, Ph.D.

  • Philosoph(ies) of Dialogue
  • Modern Jewish Thought
  • Jewish History and Culture
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Interview Benjamin Sax

Matthew D. Taylor, Ph.D.

  • Muslim-Christian Relations
  • Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism
  • Salafism in the U.S.
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Interreligious Encounter

Interview Matthew Taylor

Christine Gallagher

  • Interreligious Encounter in the Classroom
  • Role of Interreligious Leadership in Educational Settings
  • Religious Literacy Professional Development 
  • Interreligious Perspectives and Pedagogy 
  • Mission-based Institutional Reflection 

Interview Christine Gallagher

Christine Krieger

  • Interreligious Leadership Development in Congregations
  • Gender and Intersections of Identity
  • Community-building in Diverse Spaces
  • Religious Exploration for Adolescents
  • Women and Society

Interview Christiine Krieger