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Publications by ICJS Scholars and Staff

Pluralizing Dialogue

Insights, Actions, and Implications in Eva Fleischner’s “Judaism in German Christian Theology Since 1945”
Chapters by Heather Miller Rubens and Benjamin Sax

Volume includes Developing Theologies of Encounter: Eva Fleischner, Fratelli Tutti, and the Unfolding Legacy of Nostra Aetate, by Heather Miller Rubens, and Eva Fleischner and Christian Jewish Dialogue in the Twenty-First Century by Benjamin Sax.

With the Best of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps and Mistakes

Chapter by Heather Miller Rubens

A collection of essays by scholars and practitioners who recount cases of missteps and outright failures of interfaith encounters, including discussions of what went wrong and why. In her chapter, Heather Miller Rubens recounts the missteps and corrective steps associated with the expansion of ICJS’ mission to include Muslims and the study of Islam.

Winged Words: Benjamin, Rosenzweig, and the Life of Quotation

By Benjamin Sax

Winged Words examines a unique philosophical obsession of German-Jewish intellectuals during the Weimar Republic that focused on how quotation and abstract thought could inspire new ways into how people experienced Jewish tradition and culture.

Scripture People: Salafi Muslims in Evangelical Christians’ America

By Matthew D. Taylor

In this work, Matt explores the experiences of the Salafi community in America after 9/11 through a comparison with American Evangelicals. He finds a striking similarity in how they approach their respective scriptures, the Qur’an for Salafis and the Bible for Evangelicals. 

A Sacred Argument: Dispatches from the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Encounter

By Christopher Leighton

In this memoir, ICJS founding Executive Director Christopher Leighton recounts his friendship and collaboration with the late Rabbi Joel Zaiman, who was a driving force in the creation and work of ICJS. A Sacred Argument also addresses the sharp political, social, and religious polarization in society, equipping readers with practical and theoretical resources to engage problems that all too often break down trust, shut down honest conversations, and disrupt collaborative action.

Coming Sept. 24th

The Violent Take it by Force: The Christian movement that is threatening our democracy

By Matthew D. Taylor

In this new book, ICJS Protestant Scholar Matthew D. Taylor pulls back the curtain on the New Apostolic Reformation, a little-known movement of independent Charismatic Christians who see themselves as engaging in spiritual warfare on a massive scale against demonic forces.