About the Instructor

Ben Sax is the Jewish Scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian, Jewish Studies in Baltimore. He is an experienced professor, university administrator, scholar, award-winning teacher, public speaker, and practitioner and facilitator of interreligious dialogue. He holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (B.A., Social Thought and Political Economy), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (M.A., Jewish Thought), and the University of Chicago (Ph.D., History of Judaism).

Session #1:  Introduction to Buber and Dialogue

Session #2: Hasidism, Mysticism, and God

Session #3:  Revelation and Law: Buber & Rosenzweig

Session #4: I and Thou, Buber’s Magnum Opus

Session #5:  Buber’s Theo-Politics: Gandhi; Israel/Palestine

Session #6: Biblical Humanism and Dialogical Community