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To dismantle religious bias and bigotry, ICJS builds learning communities where religious difference becomes a powerful force for good.

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Understand today’s Christian Nationalism movement

Uncover the goals of the Christian movement that is a threat to the American values of democracy and pluralism. Through podcasts, articles, courses, and videos, Matthew D. Taylor shares his research and storytelling.

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Taylor’s podcast is in one sense the untold story of the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. But it’s so much more than that as well. I can’t think of a work of research and story-telling over the past year that is as important as this one.

Jon Ward

Chief National Correspondent for Yahoo News

The Silber-Obrecht Lecture

Harvard professor and Jesuit priest Francis X. Clooney, S. J. delivered the inaugural Silber-Obrecht Lecture, reflecting in this first lecture on the intersection of his own Catholic faith with his decades-long study of Hinduism. In the second lecture, he is joined by Shubha Pathak, Ph.D., Ph.D., who offers her response.

Faces of ICJS

In life you’ll find yourself sometimes between different perspectives or identities. When you’re young, these are very difficult experiences for people to reconcile. But as you grow up and look back, you can see that you had lots of good experiences that you can learn from


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Each interreligious (and intra-religious) encounter during my congregational fellowship with ICJS moved me deeply and led me to reflect on my own faith journey, spiritual practice, and role in my own church. They were encounters in the truest sense of the word, because they contained the unexpected.

Amelia Franz

ICJS Congregational Leaders Fellow 2023