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To dismantle religious bias and bigotry, ICJS builds learning communities where religious difference becomes a powerful force for good.

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Learn About Christian Nationalism

Explore several ICJS resources on Christian Nationalism and Christian Supremacy below.

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The religious forces that impelled some Christians to storm the Capitol haven’t gone away, and we ignore the gathering clouds of Christian nationalism at the peril of liberal democracy.

Matthew D. Taylor

ICJS Protestant Scholar

Faces of ICJS

“Because the Torah represents wisdom, it feels obvious that the grandparents and parents would symbolically pass down the Torah to their child during their B’mitzvah. They have been passing down wisdom to their child for 13 years, whatever religion they are.”



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This is hard work…But if there’s a chance, in the peace tradition you work in, to have a conversation with one person…then there’s a chance that all of the hate and reduction of the United States…gets chipped away and chipped away and chipped away.

Brad Onishi

Author of Preparing for War and Host of the podcast Straight White American Jesus