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The 2024 ICJS Faculty Seminar

Interreligious Perspectives on Death and Dying

July 15-18, 2024
Baltimore, Maryland

Death and Dying are universal human experiences. Yet, the religious meanings, responses, and rituals concerning the reality of death are diverse. As the religious landscape here in the United States and around the globe is changing, the interreligious study of death and dying requires academic and pastoral attention. To equip those who care for and serve the dying and bereaved, interreligious knowledge, competency, and skills are needed.

The 2024 ICJS Faculty Seminar will bring into conversation scholars, chaplains, and spiritual caretakers for an interreligious study and reflection on the broad area of Death and Dying. Participants will present and facilitate sessions on topics that are related to religious traditions other than their own. They will examine how specific themes engage with their theologies, context, and work. Together we will reflect on how the interreligious lens can expand our specific area. 


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ICJS Hosts Premier Interreligious Lectureship

The inaugural Silber-Obrecht Lecture, the first endowed lectureship in the emerging field of Interreligious and Interfaith studies, was held in Baltimore, April 25-28, 2023. The lectureship aims to advance the field of study by presenting new and creative work by a senior scholar and interreligious practitioner.

The inaugural Silber-Obrecht Lecture was delivered by Francis X. Clooney, S.J., a theologian at the Harvard Divinity School and a leader in the field of interreligious studies.