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Teachers & Educators

Teachers are interreligious leaders of today and tomorrow. Many young peoples’ first impressions of global religious communities and encounters with people who are religiously different occur in the classroom. ICJS provides thoughtful programming and professional development opportunities for Baltimore-area teachers in public, private religious, and independent non-religious schools.

ICJS Teachers Fellowship

ICJS offers a one-year cohort for Baltimore-area teachers to gain knowledge and confidence in religious literacy, to develop and share lesson plans for their own classroom, and to think deeply about pedagogy with a network of experienced educators and scholars.

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Lesson Plans

Explore this collection of lesson plans prepared by Fellows for their classrooms and available for use in your classroom. ICJS Teacher Fellows work in a variety of contexts, including public, independent, and religious schools and other educational institutions (e.g., museums). Subject areas include English, social studies, and religious studies.

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My mission in teaching is to increase understanding, to prod students to see the beauty and power of other theologies at their founding, to break down barriers, and to uncover biases. Building bridges drives my curricular decisions.

Jill Aizenstein

history teacher, Beth T’filoh Dohan Community School, and ICJS Teacher Fellow alum

Teachers Talk Religion

Current and former ICJS Teacher Fellows—representing public, private, and religious schools—share their views on the classroom as an interreligious space, the state of religion in the classroom; and how young people are thinking about religion.