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Congregational Leaders

ICJS offers programs for religious leaders—both ordained and lay leaders—to increase their interreligious literacy, build resilient networks with one another, deepen understanding across differences.

Congregational Leaders Fellowship

The ICJS Congregational Leaders Fellowship is a year-long intensive program in which leaders within religious communities come together across traditions to promote interreligious understanding, deepen relationships, and cultivate spaces of belonging in order to combat religious bigotry and hatred.

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Emerging Religious Leaders Course

Since 2013, ICJS has hosted rabbinical school and seminary students at a one-week intensive course (for credit) in Jewish-Christian Dialogue, in partnership with the Washington Theological Consortium. The program draws students from across the country who are the clergy of tomorrow and equips them to navigate the complex relationships across difference. Starting in 2022, ICJS will offer the first Muslim-Christian Emerging Religious Leaders Course for Muslim leaders-in-training and Christian seminarians.

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This retreat has been one of the most formative pieces of my first year of seminary….Broadening my experience to interact with emerging religious leaders in different faith traditions brought me back to some of the highest sense of my calling.

Rachel Cohen

Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, ERL 2017 participant