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Congregational Leaders Fellowship

The ICJS Congregational Leaders Fellowship is a year-long program in which leaders of religious communities come together across traditions to combat religious bias and bigotry through promoting interreligious understanding, deepening relationships, and cultivating spaces of belonging.

Recognizing the important role religious leaders play both in their own communities and in the larger society, the ICJS Congregational Leaders Fellowship brings together three religious leaders (one official and two lay leaders) from each of 15 participating congregations. Each cohort draws a diverse mix of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to support religious and lay leaders in the development of skills, knowledge, and facility to be advocates of interreligious learning and understanding within their congregations and to connect congregations from across the region.

Through cultivation of relationships and collaboration on interreligious programs—as well as study, shared learning, and dialogue around what it means to belong and care for our neighbors—we build robust interreligious communities that interweave the civic, educational, and religious dimensions of our lives.


  • Belong to a cohort of religious leaders building relationships between diverse religious communities
  • Strengthen interreligious literacy within given religious communities
  • Learn and dialogue around each of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism; Christianity; Islam)
  • Attain financial support for intercongregational interreligious events and projects
  • Stipend


  • Participate in 10 monthly meetings
  • Engage in relationship-building storytelling workshop
  • Develop intercongregational interreligious project supported by micro-grants
  • Share reflections on interreligious leadership (750 words or 3-minute video)


Now accepting applications for the 2022 ICJS Congregational Fellowship.
QUESTIONS? Contact Program Director Alisha Tatem

Application Deadline: November 30, 2021
First Fellowship Meeting: January 11, 2022

NOTE: This application requires the following that some applicants might find easier to compose in a different program and paste into the form:

  • a brief description of your congregation and their interest and/or experience with interreligious engagement, if any; and
  • a brief statement about your interest in the Congregational Leaders Fellowship, including what you hope to learn and share, both with the cohort and with your own congregation.