by ICJS Newsroom

BALTIMORE—With the support of the T. Rowe Price Foundation, the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies (ICJS) is launching a Capacity-Building Grant program for alumni of the ICJS Justice Leaders Fellowship to inspire, incentivize, and equip these nonprofit and community leaders to create a new interreligious initiative within their sphere of influence. 

Since 2016, nearly 100 participants have completed the ICJS Justice Leaders Fellowship, a year-long intensive program that offers Baltimore area community and nonprofit leaders the opportunity to draw on the rich resources of diverse religious traditions to inform and inspire building a more just Baltimore. In this program they participated in learning, conversation, and discovery of their own and others’ religious traditions, teachings, and values. 

ICJS will offer four $2,200 Capacity Building Grants to Justice Leaders Fellowship alumni who have an initiative that integrates their expanded understanding and interest in crossing religious barriers in service of the common good. These grants will expand the capacity of participants to take the risk to initiate their idea. 

“We have been impressed with the positive impact our Justice Leader Fellows have had in their communities, and we see the potential for much more,” said Fatimah Fanusie, program director, Justice Leaders.  “These grants will act as a catalyst in building an interreligious community that will work for justice and equity.”

Applications for the first round of Capacity-Building Grants are due by Oct. 1 and awardees will be announced by the end of October.