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Muslim Prayer in America – Its Meaning and Practice

With ICJS Muslim Scholar Zeyneb Sayilgan, Ph.D.

Optional Excursion: A Visit to the Diyanet Center of America

On Sunday, May 22, Zeyneb will lead us on a tour of the Diyanet Center of America in Lanham, Md.. Families and children are welcome. There is an excellent restaurant on site where we can share a meal after the tour and prayers.

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Class 3 – Culture and Context: Prayer in American Muslim Life


The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) American Mosque Survey 2020:

The American Mosque 2020: Growing and Evolving

Reimagining Muslim Spaces

Hind Makki on Women’s Inclusion

Muslim Women’s Prayer Spaces

Small group #1

Small group #2

Questions to guide you while you read the case studies

Case studies

Optional Videos:

Class 2 – Practical Embodiment: Prayer in the Life of Prophet Muhammad

Slides from Class 2

Reading: The Importance and Meaning of Prayer in Islam

Watch: Ingrid Mattson, Islamic Prayer in Daily Life

Class 1 – Theological Foundations: Prayer in the Qur’an

Slides from Class 1


Case Studies: Prayer in the Workplace: