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Christian Nationalism

A threat to pluralist democracy

Christian nationalists advocate for privileging Christian citizens and imposing a Christian vision on societies. While such views are explicitly held by a relatively small segment of the American people, this tendency represents a set of ideologies and a political movement that is a grave threat to the American values of democracy and pluralism. This kind of Christian nationalism, like antisemitism and Islamophobia, should be recognized as a form of religious bigotry and challenged publicly where it is espoused.

This page compiles a sampling of videos, courses, articles, and other ICJS resources on Christian nationalism.

Spiritual Warriors: Decoding Christian Nationalism at the Capitol Riot

Watch this ICJS-produced documentary on Christian nationalism at the January 6th Capitol riot, featuring Matthew D. Taylor.

Gold Award Winner, 2024 Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.

Resources & Responses to Christian Nationalism

ICJS Scholar Matthew D. Taylor offers three suggestions for responding to Christian nationalism: Spread the word about Christian nationalism; engage people who are sympathetic with Christian nationalism in constructive, humanizing dialogue; and prepare yourself to defend democracy.


The Violent Take It By Force

Book by ICJS’ Matthew D. Taylor

In this new book, ICJS Protestant Scholar Matthew D. Taylor pulls back the curtain on the New Apostolic Reformation, a little-known movement of independent Charismatic Christians who see themselves as engaging in spiritual warfare on a massive scale against demonic forces.

Available September 2024

Charismatic Revival Fury

In this five-episode podcast, Matthew D. Taylor uses his own deep reporting and dozens of audio clips to examine the history of the independent charismatic Christian leaders associated with Christian nationalism and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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Featured Media

ICJS Christian Nationalism Resources

The religious forces that impelled some Christians to storm the Capitol haven’t gone away, and we ignore the gathering clouds of Christian nationalism at the peril of liberal democracy.

Matthew D. Taylor

ICJS Protestant Scholar

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Interview Matthew D. Taylor

When journalists are looking for a source to explain the background and context of Christian nationalism, they are increasingly turning to ICJS’ Protestant scholar Matthew D. Taylor. 

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