by Matthew D. Taylor, Ph. D, Senior Scholar | Protestant Scholar

Three Suggestions On Responding to Christian Nationalism

1. Spread the word about Christian nationalism

2. Engage people who are sympathetic with Christian nationalism in constructive, humanizing dialogue

  • The people who are sympathetic to Christian Nationalism include your neighbors, friends, coworkers, family members, and so on. 
  • These are not easy conversations, but you don’t have to convert them to your view on all matters. Try to find ways to humanize them, humanize yourself, and humanize the real-world consequences if Christian nationalists were to overturn American pluralism.

3. Prepare yourself to defend democracy

  • Democracy is not about passive systems or abstract checks and balances. Democracy and the rule of law must be defended through peaceful means and mobilizing citizens.
  • Assess your current involvement in American democracy, and try to come up with one or two concrete steps you could take to be more involved.
    • If you don’t vote, vote this year.
    • If you don’t write to or call your representatives’ offices, gather that contact information now.
    • If you haven’t previously been part of a protest, mentally decide what your line in the sand is that would get you to join a protest.


  • Look at what your congregation or denomination has said against Christian nationalism. Consider how you can amplify their message. 
  • Check out the statement and resources of Christians Against Christian Nationalism, a program of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
  • Listen to a sermon I delivered, God’s Dominion (Brown Memorial Park Ave Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, July 9, 2023).

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