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For Chaplains

The ICJS Chaplaincy Initiative

The Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies (ICJS) is inaugurating a program to provide support to chaplains and spiritual caregivers in Maryland, especially for smaller organizations with fewer resources.

The ICJS Chaplaincy Initiative will provide interreligious education and networking opportunities to those ministering in diverse communities and institutions, including hospitals and hospices, educational campuses, the military, and fire and public safety departments. Currently, there is no organization in Maryland providing these opportunities to a multi-sector community of chaplains. ICJS, with its expertise and experience in convening interreligious networks, is well positioned to fill this gap.

“Most chaplains are interreligious leaders by default, given they regularly provide spiritual care to people from diverse religious backgrounds,” said Alisha Tatem, ICJS program director for religious leaders. “Therefore, chaplaincy is an inherently interreligious arena that ICJS can uniquely support.”


This program is supported in part by The Bunting Family Foundation. 

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Survey: Mapping chaplains’ needs in Maryland

In partnership with the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, ICJS conducted a statewide survey of chaplains in Maryland. The results, which have been published in a downloadable eBook, “Chaplains in Maryland: Mapping and Assessing Needs,” have given us a groundbreaking glimpse into the lives of chaplains. The data reveals a portrait of chaplaincy that spans across religious differences, communities, and work sectors. Maryland chaplains shared their challenges and needs with us, along with the beauty they find in interfaith work. ICJS is committed to serving them, and these results will inform our approaches to future support programming and educational opportunities.


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One of the things I love about chaplaincy is there’s so much diversity… most people that I meet are really different from a faith perspective.

Survey Respondent

Hospital chaplain

A Portrait of Chaplains in Maryland

ICJS and the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab held an event called Ministry of Presence: A portrait of chaplains in Maryland. This event will took a deep-dive into the survey results and discuss key research findings and ICJS chaplaincy programs moving forward.

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