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Justice Leaders

At ICJS, we believe that the religious diversity of our communities is an asset that can anchor Baltimore’s health and growth. Yet, where can one go to draw on the rich resources of diverse religions to inform and inspire the large task of building a more just Baltimore? ICJS provides that space through education, conversation, and discovery.

We offer two forms of programming. First, we host a small group cohort experience, or Justice Leaders Fellowship, for those whose vocation or avocation is to build a more just society in and around Baltimore. Second, we offer public programming through Imagining Justice in Baltimore. In both offerings, religious diversity becomes the resource for good community building.


Justice Leaders Fellowship

The ICJS Justice Leaders Fellowship gives community or civic leaders a 12-month opportunity to use interfaith learning and collaboration to advance a more just and prosperous Baltimore. Under the guidance of ICJS scholars and staff, Justice Leaders meet monthly for interreligious study and dialogue to consider how religious texts and traditions can provide rich resources to inform their own work and journeys.

Imagining Justice in Baltimore City-Wide Conversations

In this multi-year initiative, the ICJS brings together Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives joining the public conversation about justice and healing in Baltimore. Learn more about our 2020 IJB program which focused on the issue of water justice.

Resources and Reflections for Justice

Part of the premise of our Justice Leaders initiative is that when civic leaders engage in interreligious dialogue and learning, new ideas can emerge and cross-tradition discoveries can occur. Check out our collection of reflections and insights for justice and civic leaders in Baltimore and beyond.