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For Community & Nonprofit Leaders

At ICJS, community & nonprofit leaders who are working for social justice can seek to understand how the religious diversity of our communities is an asset that can anchor Baltimore’s health and growth. 

Justice Leaders Fellowship

The ICJS Justice Leaders Fellowship gives community or civic leaders a 10-month opportunity to use interfaith learning and collaboration to advance a more just and prosperous Baltimore. Under the guidance of ICJS scholars and staff, Justice Leaders meet monthly for interreligious study and dialogue to consider how religious texts and traditions can provide rich resources to inform their own work and journeys.

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Actually just being able to talk with people and understand where our foundations are—that’s been really powerful.

Kylie Patterson

2020 Justice Leader Fellow

Walking the Justice Talk

Putting Principles into Practice

Panel discussion with four ICJS Justice Leader Fellows on how they are working to build justice in Baltimore

Water Justice in Religious Tradition(s): A Video Series for Interreligious Group Discussion

This four-part original video and discussion series, originally part of an initiative called Imagining Justice in Baltimore,  provides resources for a robust study and dialogue experience on water justice in the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish traditions for diverse interreligious groups, including students and adults.

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