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Dabru Emet: 20 Years Later

A Jewish Statement on Christianity

In 2000, Dabru Emet “Speak Truth”: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity was published nationally by Jewish scholars, who produced the statement after studying for years in convenings hosted by ICJS (then known as the Institute of Christian & Jewish Studies).

In 2021, ICJS again convened scholars and thinkers from around the world and across disciplines to revisit Dabru Emet. Thirty-two participants from across the globe contributed essays offering critique as well as commemoration; historical reflection as well as reframing; rigorous inquiry as well as creative imaginings. Essays are published online, in partnership with the journal American Religion.

Dabru Emet Text (2000)


The following essays were co-published by ICJS and the online journal American Religion in winter/spring 2021.

Dabru Emet: 20 Years Later

Panel Discussion with Six Scholars

In a far-reaching conversation, six scholars who contributed to the 20th anniversary Dabru Emet forum discussed how race, gender, power, and authority impact interreligious dialogue and statements. Participants included: Halla Attallah (Georgetown University), Mary C. Boys (Union Theological Seminary), Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth College), Laura Levitt (Temple University), and Malka Z. Simkovich (Catholic Theological Union). Heather Miller Rubens of ICJS moderated.