About the Presenters

Mikhael Manekin

Mikhael Manekin, who is the grandson of ICJS founding trustee Bernard Manekin, is the director of the Alliance Fellowship program, an Arab-Jewish political network in Israel. An Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem, he is one of the leaders of Faithful Left, a movement of religious Jews promoting equality through the language of Jewish faith and tradition. His book End of Days, Ethics, Tradition and Power in Israel was published in Hebrew in 2021 and is now available in English.


Ben Sax, Ph.D.

Ben Sax, Ph.D., serves as the Head of Scholarship and the Jewish Scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies in Baltimore. Ben is an experienced professor, university administrator, scholar, award-winning teacher, public speaker, and practitioner and facilitator of interreligious dialogue. He has published and lectured on topics relating to Jewish philosophy, German-Jewish history and culture, Jewish-Christian relations, and interreligious dialogue.  He is the author of Winged Words: Benjamin, Rosenzweig, and the Life of Quotation (Brill).