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Planned Giving

Plan Now to Leave a Legacy GIft

By including a gift to ICJS in your will, trust, or any estate plan, you can continue to help dismantle religious bias and bigotry and build the interreligious society. 


Bequests (via your Will) are the traditional way to make a legacy gift. The actual cost of a bequest may be less than the gift’s face value because of the possible tax benefits to your heirs. 


You have many options on how to include ICJS in your will. You can specify a dollar amount or set aside a percentage of your estate. Or you could make a residuary bequest—making a gift to ICJS only after payment of other obligations and gifts. See How to Include ICJS in Your Will or Estate Plan for simple instructions.


Alternatively, you could create a Charitable Remainder Trust where the charity (ICJS) receives the “remainder” of the trust only after the death of the trust’s income beneficiaries. 


One of the simplest ways to create a legacy gift is to designate ICJS as a Beneficiary on your retirement or  other investment account, life insurance policy, or annuity. 


Ask your tax or legal advisor for further information on these or other ideas and to discover which option is right for you.  


To discuss how you can make a legacy gift, contact Laura Urban, ICJS Director of Development, at or (410) 494-7161, ext. 2004.

How to Include ICJS in Your Will or Estate Plan


ICJS does not provide financial counseling or estate planning services. For tax or legal advice, please consult a professional financial advisor or an attorney.