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To dismantle religious bias and bigotry, ICJS builds learning communities where religious difference becomes a powerful force for good.

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Democracy, Religion, and Ethics in Today’s Israel

What does the Jewish religious ethical tradition say about Zionism and the modern state of Israel? How has Oct. 7th changed explorations of this question? Mikhael Manekin, author of “End of Days: Ethics, Tradition and Power in Israel,” wrestles with these questions as a religious Jew and a peace activist who lives in Jerusalem. Join Ben Sax, ICJS Jewish Scholar, in this conversation with Mikhael Manekin.

Muslim Perspectives on Death and Dying

In this On Demand minicourse, ICJS Muslim Scholar Zeyneb Sayilgan examines Muslim views and responses related to death. How can Muslim perspectives contribute to our understanding and facilitate a better engagement in facing human mortality?

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Understand today’s Christian Nationalism movement

Uncover the goals of the Christian movement that is a threat to the American values of democracy and pluralism. Through podcasts, articles, courses, and videos, Matthew D. Taylor shares his research and storytelling.

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I can’t think of a work of research and story-telling over the past year that is as important as this one.

Jon Ward

Chief National Correspondent for Yahoo News

Antisemitism (Un)defined

Today, antisemitism is still a social and political problem. However, many disagree as to what it actually is. This course explores the various efforts in history to define antisemitism and the political factors that inform them. Find videos from this three-part course and course resources below.

2023 Annual Report: Looking through an interrreligious lens

If we want to create a multireligious democracy where people of all religions—including no religion—can flourish, we need to be able to see the world, and one another, with an interreligious lens.

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