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Lesson Plan

Fashion and Religion


This lesson introduces the importance of language and perspective for understanding the practice of religion. The goal then is to utilize these ideas in relation to the importance of clothing and fashion in Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam.

Learning Objective

Identify the intentional and unintentional revelation of the self in various choices of fashion.

Differentiate between encoding and decoding language.


Lesson Details

  • Contributor: Niki Creamer
  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Subject: Social Studies, Theology, World Religions
  • Topics: Art & History, Current Events, Fashion

Essential Question

To whom (or what) do we refer to when we use the term God?

Can we speak intelligibly of anything outside our culture and language?

What is the “Catholic Imagination”?


(see slides for definitions, images, and activities)

    • Introduce students to the following ideas:
      • Linguistic Turn
      • Language and Theology
      • Encoding
      • Decoding
      • Perspective
  • CLOTHING AND FASHION as language and culture
    • Consumption
    • Appropriation
    • Commodification
  • Explore how these ideas are present in Catholicism
    • Clerical Vestments
    • The Met’s Heavenly Bodies exhibit
    • Catholic Imagination


Explore themes of culture, fashion, and religion in another tradition.

Contributor Bio

Niki Creamer is a teacher in the religion department at Calvert Hall College High School. She holds an M.A. and M.Ph. from The Catholic University of America in the field of Religion and Culture. Niki currently teaches World Religions and God, Media, and Culture to seniors at Calvert Hall.