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Imagining Justice in Baltimore

“Imagining Justice in Baltimore: Water Justice,” an original four-part video and discussion series created in 2020 by ICJS staff and scholars, is now available for use in classrooms, congregations, and organizations at no cost. The series provides resources for a robust study and dialogue experience for diverse interreligious groups, including students and adults.

The series is anchored in the understanding that religious teachings and traditions can powerfully anchor a shared civic challenge, including how cities can use water justly. The series provides space for reading, reflection, and discussion for participants to consider how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions speak to this issue and can prepare citizens to participate fully in their community. While created in Baltimore, the videos and resources are universally applicable and are not rooted in a particular locale.

The series was designed to be explored across four group sessions. Prior to each session, a participant watches the 20-30 minute video at home. At the group gathering or class session, participants discuss the videos in facilitated small groups, using the “Video Viewing Guide” and sacred texts.

Click here for videos, viewing guides (including group discussion questions), and additional texts and resources.

Launched in 2016, Imagining Justice in Baltimore is an ICJS program recognizing that “the sacred can speak to the secular.” Anchored in our understanding that religious traditions other than our own can inspire us, we invite Baltimore to consider how an interreligious understanding of justice can enrich civic life.

This program is supported in part by the Henry Luce Foundation in partnership with Morgan State University’s Center for the Study of Religion in the City, with additional funding from the David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation.