Imagining Justice in Baltimore

Baltimore is at the heart of a number of broader American conversations about justice, civic life, and urban renewal. At ICJS, we believe that religious and interreligious perspectives can better inform and enliven our civic conversations and can enlist faith communities in the work of building for the common good.

Imagining Justice in Baltimore is a multi-year initiative that rests on the ideas that 1) the sacred can speak to the secular, 2) religious traditions other than our own can inspire us, and 3) Baltimore matters. In 2016, our community conversations focused on the challenge of defining justice from each of the three faith traditions and developed resources for thinking about an interreligious understanding of justice. In 2018, the IJB community conversations drew from the Department of Justice's report on the Baltimore Police Department to consider how the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions might approach questions of policing, privacy, and civil order.

Imagining Justice in Baltimore 2020

In the fall of 2020, the third iteration of the IJB conversations will examine various religious perspectives on water access, water pollution, and justice. How do we think together interreligiously about the civic and ecological needs for water in Baltimore? We will be convening a series of community dialogues that bring Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions and texts to bear on these important question. These conversations will be October 8, 22 and November 5, 19 in 2020. More information will be coming soon about these exciting programs.