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ICJS in the News


Wisconsin Examiner: Rep. Grothman displays Christian nationalist flag outside congressional office (Matt Taylor quoted), 1/13/23.

Baptist News Global: The New Apostolic Reformation drove the January 6 riots, so why was it overlooked by the House Select Committee? (References Matt Taylor’s Charismatic Revival Fury podcast), 1/10/23.

Religion Dispatches: Evidence strongly suggests Trump was collaborating with Christian nationalist leaders before Jan. 6 (article by Matt Taylor and Brad Onishi) 1/6/23.

WYPR: Christian nationalism on the rise, what it means for America’s future (Interview with Matt Taylor) 1/5/23.


Straight White American Jesus Podcast: Charismatic Revival Fury, (a four-part examination of the New Apostolic Reformation by ICJS Protestant scholar Matthew D. Taylor), 12/22-1/23.

WMAR-TV: $10.7 million in Homeland Security funds awarded to Maryland religious/nonprofit groups, 11/1/22.

WYPR/On the Record: What do Muslims think? The 2022 American Muslim Poll (Interview with Dalia Mogahed in advance of the Manekin-Clark Lecture), 10/21/22.

Newsweek: Pentecostal leaders disavow Christian nationalism in stark statement (quotes Matt Taylor), 10/20/22.

The Catholic Review: Harvard theologian Fr. Francis X. Clooney named inaugural Silber-Obrecht lecturer at Loyola Maryland, 9/19/22.

Harvard Divinity School/Faculty News & Research, Harvard theologian Fr. Francis X. Clooney named inaugural Silber-Obrecht lecturer at Loyola Maryland, 9/19/22.

The Maryland Daily Record: ICJS Executive Director Heather Miller Rubens to serve as fall 2022 visiting scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary, 8/24/22. Also in City Biz.

The Baltimore Sun: Religious and racial tolerance starts with all of us (Op-ed by ICJS Congregational Leadership Fellowship alumnus Omer Awad), 5/19/22.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: The often-overlooked but dangerous role Christian nationalists played on Jan. 6 (Quotes from a Matt Taylor op-ed). 3/9/22. Also featured in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

Baltimore Jewish Times: After Colleyville, community renews focus on security (Quotes ICJS’ Melissa Zieve), 1/26/22.

The Baltimore Sun: Our hopes for Baltimore in the new year (Article featuring reflections by ICJS Justice Leader Fellows), 1/19/22.


WYPR: Interview with Susannah Heschel, in advance of the Manekin-Clark Lecture, 11/29/21.

Jmore Baltimore Jewish Living: Recapturing the prophetic tradition: A challenge for interreligious dialogue (A preview of the Manekin-Clark Lecture by Susannah Heschel), 11/8/21.

Baltimore Sun (Matthew Taylor op-ed): Christian nationalism helped fuel Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol; what’s next? 11/4/21.

Catholicism and Culture podcast: Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue with Dr. Heather Miller Rubens, 10/18/21.

The CityLit Project: Becoming American, Zeyneb Sayilgan’s story, 9/28/21.

Baltimore Jewish Times: Interfaith institute embraces religious diversity, 7/30/21.

Baltimore Jewish Times: Dialogue across religious communities: Ben Sax, 3/2/21.


The Baltimore Sun: Towson’s Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies seeks to make Baltimore a model religious city,11/20/19.

Jmore Living: ICJS and the Younger Generation, 12/6/17.

Religion News Service: When Muslims come to the Jewish-Christian table, 9/12/17.

The Baltimore Sun: As anti-Muslim rhetoric worsens, interfaith efforts grow, 3/5/16.

The New York Times: Beliefs; Ten carefully worded paragraphs encourage Jews to consider a thoughtful response to changes in the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, 9/23/2000.