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Congregational Leaders Fellowship

The Congregational Leaders Fellowship is a year-long, cohort-based program for clergy and lay leaders of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities to come together to study and dialogue together to combat religious bias and bigotry through promoting religious understanding, deepening relationships, and cultivating spaces of belonging.

ICJS invites participating congregations to send three leaders each to the cohort: one official and two lay leaders. Up to 15 worshipping communities participate each year, representing a diverse mix of Muslims, Christians, and Jewish communities.

Fellows develop skills, knowledge, and relationships to be advocates of interreligious learning and understanding within their congregations and to connect congregations from across the region.

The program is directed by Alisha Tatem, Th.D., Program Director, Congregations. For more information, fill out the interest form below.

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Participant Rosters

interfaith event between Bolton St. Synagogue and St. Matthew Catholic Church
Rabbi Andy Gordon and Fr. Joe Muth share during an interfaith event between Bolton St. Synagogue and St. Matthew Catholic Church


  • Belong to a cohort of religious leaders building relationships between diverse religious communities
  • Strengthen interreligious literacy within given religious communities
  • Learn and dialogue around each of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism; Christianity; Islam)
  • Attain financial support for intercongregational interreligious events and projects
  • Stipend


  • Participate in 10 monthly meetings
  • Engage in relationship-building storytelling workshop
  • Develop intercongregational interreligious project supported by micro-grants
  • Share reflections on interreligious leadership (750 words or 3-minute video)

I have come to see that there is no one religious tradition with “all the Truth;” but rather, we are on this journey together and are enriched by sharing our experiences, our traditions, and our faith.

Elaine Crawford

St. Matthew Catholic Church and Congregational Leader Fellow