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To dismantle religious bias and bigotry, ICJS builds learning communities where religious difference becomes a powerful force for good.

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Explore several ICJS resources on Christian Nationalism and Christian Supremacy below.

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The religious forces that impelled some Christians to storm the Capitol haven’t gone away, and we ignore the gathering clouds of Christian nationalism at the peril of liberal democracy.

Matthew D. Taylor

ICJS Protestant Scholar

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“You know, we call it silence, but we are always hearing things. We’re always communicating. I think it was that voice within, that voice of guidance that was driving me to where I need to be.”



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As soon as you know anything about crusading history, you know it would produce a reaction like this in the Islamic world. We’re talking about a period of history that is still very much remembered and talked about in the Muslim world in quite a detailed way.

Simon John

Swansea University, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History