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Scholarship is as the heart of ICJS. In addition to providing the foundation for our public programming and fellowships, ICJS scholars are leaders in the academic field of interreligious studies and regularly offer interreligious expertise through speaking engagements and consultations with other organizations.


Speaking Engagements

ICJS scholars and staff share their expertise regularly on a wide array of topics to help increase interreligious literacy.

Service to the Field

ICJS scholars provide service to the broader academic field of interreligious studies through their writing, peer review, service to scholarly societies, and more.

Scholarly Resources and Reflections

ICJS is committed not only to providing scholarly resources, but to making the work of our scholars accessible to all in order to increase interreligious understanding.

Check out our Dabru Emet online forum in partnership with American Religion, featuring scholars and thinkers from around the world and across disciplines.