Religious Leaders

ICJS is building a robust interreligious network of clergy, lay leaders, and congregations in Greater Baltimore. We offer ongoing professional development, dialogue, and networking opportunities for Baltimore-area clergy and religious leaders (chaplains, imams, rabbis, pastors, priests, etc.). We train seminarians, rabbinical students, and other emerging religious leaders in deep interfaith theological engagement. ICJS scholars and staff frequently speak at and consult with local congregations on interfaith topics, and we are in the process of launching a new cohort program that will train lay leaders within Baltimore-area congregations to be interfaith champions for their communities.

Clergy and Religious Leaders Programs

We create spaces where clergy and religious leaders can build relationships, converse, and learn across faith traditions. From interreligious scripture study to social events to dialogues around religious bigotry and congregational safety, ICJS is resourcing Baltimore religious leaders with the knowledge and relationships they need to thrive in our interreligious city. Click here for more information and to join our network of Baltimore-area religious leaders

Emerging Religious Leaders (Seminarians and Rabbinical Students)

Once a year, ICJS scholars partner with rabbinical school and seminary professors to offer a one-week intensive course (for credit) in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. This program draws students from all over the country who are the clergy of tomorrow and equips them to navigate the complex relationships among Christians and Jews. Click here and to apply for the program.

Resources and Reflections for Religious Leaders

ICJS is committed to helping religious communities and leaders gain the skills, resources, and relationships they need to thrive in our interreligious world. Click here for reflections and opportunities for official and unofficial religious leaders in Baltimore and beyond.