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Religious Leaders

ICJS is building a robust interreligious network of clergy, lay leaders, and congregations in Greater Baltimore, creating opportunities to share our traditions and learn from one another.. We offer ongoing networking and dialogical opportunities; facilitate a Congregational Leaders Fellowship; and train seminarians, rabbinical students, and other emerging religious leaders in deep interreligious theological engagement with the goal of making Baltimore a model interreligious city.

Congregational Leaders Fellowship

The ICJS Congregational Leaders Fellowship is a year-long intensive program in which leaders within religious communities come together across traditions to promote interreligious understanding, deepen relationships, and cultivate spaces of belonging in order to combat religious bigotry and hatred.

Emerging Religious Leaders (Seminarians and Rabbinical Students)

Once a year, ICJS scholars partner with rabbinical school and seminary professors to offer a one-week intensive course (for credit) in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. This program draws students from all over the country who are the clergy of tomorrow and equips them to navigate the complex relationships among Christians and Jews. Due to COVID-19, the Emerging Religious Leaders program was not held in 2020, but you can learn more about the program

Resources and Reflections for Religious Leaders

ICJS is committed to helping religious communities and leaders gain the skills, resources, and relationships they need to thrive in our interreligious world. Check out our collection of reflections and opportunities for official and unofficial religious leaders in Baltimore and beyond.