Dr. Ziad participates in forum celebrating Muslim leadership in public life

ICJS Scholar of Islam, Dr. Homayra Ziad, reflects on her experience at Concordia Forum in October 2017. The annual Concordia Forum draws participants from around the globe to discuss issues of faith and public life in the Muslim community. 

In mid-October, I had the pleasure of attending Concordia, an invitation-only networking opportunity for Muslim leaders from the U.S, U.K, Europe, Australia and Canada. Concordia brought together representation from many different sectors, including business and non-profit, arts and education, media (from public radio to Hollywood), law and medicine, and government and public policy. It was a deeply powerful space that spoke to the vibrancy of Muslim communities in the Global North and the impact that these communities are already having on critical socio-political and cultural conversations. We were brought together to think through some of the more pressing issues faced by Muslim communities in developed nations. Some of the issues raised included the rise of neo-fascist politics and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, the rise in anti-black racism, the sharp increase in systemic Islamophobia and anti-Muslim legislation, the need to increase civic and voter engagement, the need for more complex Muslim characters in Hollywood (beyond the swarthy terrorist and the bumbling immigrant), and the need for a strong investment in the arts. Several worthy projects were pitched and funded, and we found inspiration and partners in our work moving forward.

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