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Imagining Justice in Baltimore: Resources

Imagining Justice in Baltimore has concluded for 2020, but you can still access all of the videos and related resources here. If you are interested in using any of the videos in a community, organizational, classroom, congregational, or other setting, we would appreciate your letting us know by submitting the usage form below, which also allows us to be in contact about any support that might be helpful. Thank you!


Preparing for the first session

  1. Watch the introductory video
  2. Review resources for productive interreligious dialogue and come prepared with any suggestions for additional commitments for your small group. These will form a shared foundation for our time together:
  3. Per the example given in the introductory video, please plan to share a sacred story no longer than three minutes. If one is available, we encourage you to share a related sacred object that carries with it a story or a history that you feel comfortable sharing with other dialogue participants.
    • Why did you choose this story and / or object? What makes it sacred?
    • Is this story / object sacred only to you, or does it have meaning for your family / others?
    • If sharing with an object...
      • Does it occupy a special place in your home? Is there a connection between the object and where it is placed?
      • Do you use this object in any way? Why, or why not?

Additional Resources