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Dabru Emet 20 Years Later with ICJS, American Religion, and The Bernadin Center at Chicago Theological Union logos and watercolor background and speaker headshots of Halla Attallah, Mary C Boys, Laura Levitt, Susannah Heschel, Malka Simkovich, and Heather Miller Rubens

Dabru Emet: 20 Years Later Roundtable Discussion

June 16, 2021 | 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Join leading scholars in an online roundtable discussion to conclude  the  essay series in honor of the 20th anniversary of  Dabru Emet (“Speak Truth”)

As an organization devoted to inquiry around religion and religious difference, ICJS welcomed robust debate around Dabru Emet when it was published and, in that same spirit, invited scholars and thinkers to revisit this interreligious statement in a public-facing essay series in partnership with the journal  American Religion. 

In this roundtable, we invite contributors from the essay series to dig deeper—engaging in critique as well as commemoration; historical reflection as well as reframing; rigorous inquiry as well as creative imaginings.  Together, we will explore larger questions around Dabru Emet and the scope, purpose, and terrain of interreligious engagement. We invite panelists and participants, alike, to speak truth in our times, offering rigorous thinking, provocative questions, and candid challenges.