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On September 10, 2000, Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity was published by Jewish scholars hosted by ICJS. This 20th-year online forum welcomes scholars and thinkers from around the world and across disciplines to revisit Dabru Emet (“Speak Truth”), engaging in critique as well as commemoration; historical reflection as well as reframing; rigorous inquiry as well as creative imaginings.

Forum Introduction


Essays will be linked below as they are posted to the American Religion website each Tuesday and Thursday through May 2021.

  • Dabru Emet After Twenty Years: The Question of Authority
    David Novak, University of Toronto
  • From the “National Jewish Scholars Group” to Dabru Emet: Encountering Intrareligious Rifts
    Shira Lander, Southern Methodist University
  • Dabru Emet and the Politics of Shared Texts in Interfaith Dialogue
    Halla Attallah, Georgetown University
  • Interfaith Begins with Faith
    Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College
  • “We do not blame them for the sins committed by their ancestors..."
    Katharina von Kellenbach, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  • Dabru Emet at 20: Questioning the Centrality of the Shoah in Jewish–Christian Dialogue
    Malka Z. Simkovich, Catholic Theological Union
  • Dabru Emet as a Model for ‘Reflective Believing’ Across Traditions
    Robert Cathey, McCormick Seminary
  • Dabru Emet and the Era of Respect
    Elena Procario-Foley, Iona College
  • Responses to Dabru Emet from the United Kingdom: Teaching the Next Generation of Christian Leaders
    Edward Kessler, The Woolf Institute
  • “More profound than mere politics”: Encouraging Christian Support for Israel in Dabru Emet
    Adam Gregerman, Saint Joseph's University
  • Christian Solidarity with Both Jews and Palestinians: A Critical Response to Dabru Emet
    Yehezkel Landau, Landau Interfaith Training and Consulting
  • Dabru Emet: A Small Step Forward
    Mark Silk, Trinity College
  • Dabru Emet’s Imagined Future and the Christian-Muslim Question
    Matthew D. Taylor, Institute for Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Studies (ICJS)
  • Searching for a Twenty-first-century Understanding of God: Reflections in Light of Dabru Emet
    John Pawlikowski, Catholic Theological Union
  • Promising Openings in Theological Encounter on the Trinity
    Alan Brill, Seton Hall University
  • Dabru Emet the Jewish Nostra Aetate? Sic et Non
    David Sandmel, Anti-Defamation League
  • Judaism and Christianity: “Humanly Irreconcilable" Traditions
    Mary C. Boys, Union Theological Seminary
  • Reflections on Dabru Emet
    Christopher Leighton, ICJS (retired)
  • Dabru Emet 20 Years Later: Opening a Jewish Door
    Ellen Charry, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • A Jewish Revision of Dabru Emet
    Ruth Sandberg, Gratz College
  • Dabru Emet: A Grateful Evangelical Appreciation
    Jason Poling, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
  • Interfaith Dialogue: Metaphysical Not Political?
    Sam Brody, University of Kansas
  • Heather Miller Rubens, ICJS
  • Julia McStravog, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Speaking Truth in Late Antique Poetry
    Laura Lieber, Duke University
  • “Holy Insecurity” Thinking about Dabru Emet with Martin Buber and Leonard Cohen
    Maeera Yaffa Shreiber, University of Utah
  • Peter Pettit, St. Paul Lutheran Church
  • Zeyneb Sayilgan, ICJS
  • Edwin Aponte, Louisville Institute
  • Victoria Barnett, independent scholar
  • Laura Levitt, Temple University