A Letter from the ICJS Executive Director and Board President

We are delighted to share a new ICJS publication, ICJS: Year-in-Review.

Augmenting the annual Donor Roll, this publication tells the story of the ICJS by weaving together profiles of programs and participants, as well as supporters and community partners, that the ICJS worked with in fiscal year 2017 (program year: 2016-2017).

The 2017 ICJS: Year-in-Review can be downloaded here.

Letter from Dr. Heather Miller Rubens (Executive Director) and Ms. Kathy Hoskins (Board President):

Dear Friends,

Now more than ever we need to work together to build a better Baltimore. America’s religious diversity is a powerful resource to draw upon when confronting the most pressing challenges we face today in our city and in our country. Rather than avoid or demonize those with whom we differ or disagree, at the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies (ICJS) we provide opportunities for people to constructively engage difference. We are changing the conversation in the public square to embrace diverse religious perspectives and affirm America’s commitment to religious pluralism. 

We believe that relationships created through sustained learning and dialogue are foundational to making Baltimore a model “Interreligious City.”  

This work requires that we know our neighbors and build relationships across our communities. Knowing our neighbors involves not only working together, but also creating time and space for talking about the things that matter. These essential conversations require time, trust, and the capacity to listen. 

This past year we strengthened our community by bringing together clergy, activists, teachers, and entrepreneurs from across the Baltimore region to explore how the rich traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can help us imagine a better world.

We are inspired by the amazing and passionate people we met this year, and we hope that you are too. Thanks to you, we will continue the hard work of transforming Baltimore into a model Interreligious City, one person and one community at a time. 

With gratitude, 

Dr. Heather Miller Rubens
Executive Director and Roman Catholic Scholar 

Kathy Hoskins
Board President 

From left to right: Kathy Hoskins, Board President, and Dr. Heather Miller Rubens,
Executive Director and Roman Catholic Scholar