Maryland Clergy Initiative


A yearlong course of study for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim clergy hosted by the ICJS and the Baltimore Jewish Council. 

The Maryland Clergy Initiative's focus is to address tensions that have arisen in American religious life in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through interfaith study among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim clergy from the Maryland region.



MCI seeks to reframe the conversation about the conflict by:

  • educating religious leaders about the political, historical, and religious complexities of the conflict and the influence those complexities have on American religious life.
  • cultivating in participants the expertise to respond to one-sided and divisive denominational or congregational policies regarding the conflict.
  • developing and implementing educational curricula that depict the conflict in a balanced and comprehensive manner, and thereby equipping participants’ congregations to understand the dangers of religious extremism and simplistic solutions.
  • empowering participants to become strong advocates for interfaith partnerships, and giving participants the knowledge and experience necessary to guide local, regional, and national inquiries into the conflict. To enrich the learning experience and instill a deeper appreciation for the context of the conflict, the yearlong program is punctuated by a trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.